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The Customer Experience

Our perspective on the customer experience is comprehensive. It encompasses both cognitive (rational) and affective (emotional) aspects of the experience. Historically, customer satisfaction studies have focused on rational characteristics of the product or service (e.g., responsiveness in the case of service). But we have found that attitudinal loyalty and purchase behavior are strongly influenced by emotion as well.

Advanced Customer Analytics addresses emotion by focusing on fundamental human needs (e.g., need for empathy in service experiences, security, self-esteem, status, need to nurture, justice/fairness).

Managing The Customer Experience

Our perspective also encompasses brand image. By so doing we are able to understand the effects of social media. Brand image has traditionally been thought of as a method for acquiring customers, but it also influences current customers. For example, a brand image of reliability will make an owner more satisfied with a product. This effect is even greater if the product is such that its reliability cannot be fully evaluated even by the user "until it's too late". Home heating equipment is an example.

Brand is important not only in B2C markets, but B2B as well. This is well illustrated by the advertising line "No one ever got fired for buying IBM".